A personal photography session to express and celebrate yourself


These sessions are about creating a playful, relaxed, beautiful, sensual, conscious expression of WOMAN. As a society we are consistently presented with with fake, airbrushed, un-real imagery of what a beautiful Woman looks like. These sessions are reclaiming what it means to be a real woman, showing there is more than one body type that is beautiful and many expressions of being a divine woman. These Boudoir Sessions provide an opportunity for women to celebrate their bodies, their sexuality and themselves.


There are so many reasons why a woman may be called to celebrate herself in a Boudoir Session, it is really a personal venture and all about your own intentions.

This is not a photo shoot where you get dolled up and put in uncomfortable poses, but rather a chance to be truly captured as the real you. To radiate beauty of inside and out that exists in all of us.

Women have had life-changing experiences from seeing themselves for almost the first time, under a different light, some simply have just loved the playful light-hearted experience in celebrating themselves. Each woman has a different experience depending on your intention for the session.


Regular $995
Early Bird $750
120min session, wooden usb, private online gallery.
4 outfit/looks

Also as an added extra for the first round of Melbourne Boudoir Sessions Stylist Lauren Dietze will be on board to help you feel your best and piece together a few different looks.

We are also incredibly lucky to have the support of Passion Fruit the Sensuality store in Richmond. Who are in fact going to be supplying some of the most beautiful Lingerie in Australia for our Clients on the day. So beyond excited to have these ladies on board!!

From Lauren –
“When I first heard about these sessions I thought oh my god I want to do that!!! I want to celebrate my body like that!!! I remember as a girl my Aunt had some beautiful nude photo’s of herself in her bathroom and I always thought it was such a courageous and beautiful thing that she was proud of her body like that. Working in Fashion I have been in an industry that is oversaturated with one type of body, I feel like this is my chance to create meaningful work in helping Women see that they are all beautiful, despite any imperfection, that there is a sacredness in your sexuality that can truly shine through and be captured by what James is offering and I want to be apart of a movement that celebrates all kinds of sexy.”

We will also have a hair and makeup artist with us for the day, it is optional to use either of these added extras, if you feel it will help you access new parts of yourself and celebrate your beauty then it is highly recommended. We strongly believe that sexy lingerie and good hair and make up are not something to hide behind but tools to access your inner beauty and worship yourself.

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