Hey there....

Hey there....

I was first introduced to photography as a teenager and have always viewed the world from a different perspective. Being a self-taught photographer, raised on the Surf Coast of Australia, nature and the environment have always deeply inspired me and been a huge part of my life.

Unlike the majority of photographers today, I use a combination of Film cameras and digital, giving me endless creative possibilities. Using mostly natural available light, I’m able to focus on capturing the moments uninterrupted in their natural environment, rather than setting up an overly posed image. I truly believe it’s these unsuspecting and precious beautiful moments that we reflect upon and re-live many years after they have occurred, not an air-brushed posed image. My passion is capturing those moments and emotions, and documenting them in my own style, so that they can be treasured forever.

Everything I create has a handmade touch, from shooting film to individually-designed handmade wedding albums and everything in between. Creating with my hands is my passion and capturing beautiful imagery is my life.

~ James

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How I Roll

I’m a passionate grounded person, driven towards creating things from my heart, with love.
Everything I do is inspired by handmade, personal and magical connection.

Handcrafted Approach
Conscious Connection
Intimate Weddings & Elopements
Wedding Albums
1. Inspiration
Nature is always my first and biggest inspiration.
2. Handcrafted Approach
Each wedding client package comes with a handcrafted wooden box. Containing a mini-album and all the images on a beautiful wooden USB stick.
3. Conscious Connection
I'm a no bs, conscious, connected, high level thinker.
I use a wide range of skills to hone in on the magic and keep my clients grounded and connected.
4. Intimate Weddings & Elopements
I specialise in the minimalist type unions, whereby I can work closely with a small group of people.
My speciality is shooting intimate weddings and elopements.
5. Wedding Albums
Every wedding album i make is designed from the ground up by myself, and completely custom to each individual client. They are then handmade by a lovely small studio in New York with the highest quality archival materials and delivered to your door with a lifetime guarantee.
6. Products
Prints, canvases, albums and almost anything i can make!